Speaker Sessions

    Collection of some freely available talks in which I have been involved as a speaker for conferences, events and podcasts.

    Honorable Mentions

    In this post are available a list of links where my work has been republished or acknowledged in different areas (e.g. different languages, publications, companies and universities).

    Applied Data Science In Tourism

    Contributed to the publication of “Applied Data Science in Tourism” comprising Springer’s series ”Tourism on the Verge”. As part of this project, I covered the 12th chapter of the book, in which were discussed some of the most common Hyperparameter Tuning techniques used in Machine Learning and how they can be applied in various tourism related data-driven applications.

    Causal Reasoning In Machine Learning

    Nowadays Machine Learning technologies rely just on correlations between the different features. Although, this approach can possibly lead to wrong conclusions since correlation does not necessarily imply causation. As part of this research study, I created and deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) a suite of Agent-Based and Compartmental Models in order to simulate epidemic diseases developments in different types of communities. All the code used as part of this project is available on my Github account and some extras are additionally available at this link.

    Alleviate Childrens Health Issues Through Games And Machine Learning

    Developed a suite of games designed to help children’s affected by disabilities. These games are synchronised with a wireless EEG wearable device used to register the children brain activities. Analysing the brainwaves data, using Machine Learning, has then been possible to correctly classify with 96.9% accuracy if a child is affected or not by autism. All the code used as part of this project is available on my Github account.