Hack the South 2019 (Best Hardware Design Prize Winner)

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This project consisted of designing and building a voice-activated autonomous robot. The intuitiveness of our robot made it ideal for general public use. This robot, was in fact designed to accomplish tasks able to bring great value to both general users and particularly assisting impaired people.

The demonstration my group provided during this hackathon consisted of locating a drink and serving it to its user. However, the robot was not limited to this task and had the potential to empower its users with a wide variety of applications.

The robot harnessed a multitude of different technologies such as voice-assistive technology using Google Cloud’s Assistant API and machine learning techniques that allowed it to detect various objects and faces.

The program for the robot was executed on a Raspberry PI coupled with an Arduino to allow a low consumption of power. The efficiency of our robot resulted therefore in a low cost and small environmental impact.

The Raspberry PI was used to perfect the voice recognition of the system as well as the field vision. The Arduino board was used to power the servo motors and serial communications. Although the main base of the robot was built using the “inventor fit” for RedBot, 3D printed parts were tailored for the task specifications.


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