Plotly.js End to end online Data Visualization

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The dataset used is for this example is the “Wine Data Set” dataset. The features contained in this dataset are:

  1. Fixed acidity
  2. Volatile acidity
  3. Citric acid
  4. Residual sugar
  5. Chlorides
  6. Free sulfur dioxide
  7. Total sulfur dioxide
  8. Density
  9. PH
  10. Sulphates
  11. Alcohol
  12. Quality And the label column (called style) identifies if a certain wine is white (1) or red (0). This dataset is available to download at this link.

The graphs below have been realised right now in real time. Using the Plotly.js library, a javascript file is retrieving the Wine Dataset from an URL online and is then creating all the plots shown below right when this page is loading.


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